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Supernova Jackpot - $273,601.95
Dollar Jackpot - $37,957.70
JetSet Jackpot - $12,600.94

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Just want to say thank you so very much. I logged in and checked the new promos before playing, clicked on the Holiday calendar and a $41 bonus and received that credit in minutes! So happy,so much fun. Made me fill really good, what a great surprise. I am also excited about the month long slots promo, what a great idea, love it! Thanks again, good job!

Merryland Tue, Dec 2 2014 12:18am

The honesty of this site is wonderful to see. It is why I come back every day.


This site still tends to amaze me more and more each time I log on to play. Some of the best and easiest deposit options with no trouble. Top notch CM's and wonderful customer service. Not a better site on the web to play bingo. Great job and thank you


I have been a member of bingocanada since just a little after opening and have loved it. Everyone that joins becomes family. We have been through all good and bad times together. Not only the players but the CM'S and the staff included. Everyone is great !!!!! When I woke up and loged into bingo and saw I hit the JP I was jumping up and down and yelling " yes yes " .Bingocanada is the best and always will be !!!!! The only thing I wish is that I was in the room with my bingocanada family. Luv you all. Good luck !!!!!!


I have been on a couple of bingo sites in the past few years and have found this to be the best site of them all. The CMs are great !! If you ask a question that they don't have the answer for they will try to find out for you or tell you where to go to get the correct information. They are friendly and keep the chat session interesting and fun ! The people in the site are all friendly and make you feel welcome right from the start. It is really easy to put money in my account without a whole bunch of crap !! The games are varied and the prizes are worth it. The only thing that i really don't like is that you can't keep the same cards if you wanted to. Keep up the good work and keep this site going.

Sincerely, Manatoux

Bingocanada rules. I have been a player here for a while. Love it Love it. I have told all my friends about this site. Staff is wonderful games are fun. Other players are kind and friendly. Couldn't ask for a better site to play at. Keep up the GREAT work Bingocanada


Would like to ty for being such a great site just went to the bank with my check from you. You have great CM`s and roomies to


Very fun site! love the live help, too...


Hello i just wanted to let you know that all the games here are so fun and filled with excitement. They can really get your mind off other things while you are playing. The pull tabs and the bingo games are my favorite.


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